Welcome to Talk Education Partnership’s (TEP’s) new website!

This site emerged from an initiative to minimise the charity’s operating costs. It has allowed TEP to cut subscriptions to website-building services and to streamline its domain name service (DNS) providers.

Ongoing costs for TEP’s online presence have fallen by over 80% as a result. This leaves us with more money to spend on our causes, and means more of your donations go toward those causes.

The flipside was that I had to learn how to build and maintain a working website. Fortunately, static website generators deal with all the difficult bits.

I used Jekyll for the structure of the site, leaving only a couple of cosmetic styling tweaks and the addition of third party tools. With a secure donations platform from Stripe and a contact form by Formspree, the site was ready to go online.

This website is deployed through GitHub Pages, using a custom domain from the newly streamlined DNS provider.

This site is still a minimum viable product (MVP). If you have any tips to share, resources it could use or even an interest in developing more sophisticated tools for TEP’s online presence, please get in touch.